Creating digital media, website presence, video, and social media that
enforce a reputation and point out your capabilities

The Management Of Contractor Websites And Media

We love to show construction company capabilities through the use of well done imagery, and video, and of coarse, a good looking website.

If you are interested in developing a better looking website that properly represents your company, a system of providing a view of your successful projects, a more personalized, sensible website professionally managed, then we are your guys!


When we started visiting Bencardino job sites, we noticed that, well what I noticed first was that it was hard to keep up. The crew on the job site seemed very well orchestrated. They seemed to move with an efficient, well experienced process.I saw a efficiency on any job site that comes from a lot of experience, so I wanted to convey that in the design of the site.


The website was designed to look good, enforce the brand well, but also to display their projects. We also wanted to carefully make notice of the capabilities of Bencardino.


We are lucky to get the chance to visit some job sites, and produce video of their interesting projects. Bencardino often performs complicated engineering, and it's great to be able to capture their work. If you watch one of their videos you will notice that the crew is in constant motion, moving in and out from all directions. What an operation! We like to show how graceful their team is.


Bencardino has a nice looking monogram, a good palette of colors for their brand, and a good font standard. We like to make sure that their email signatures, stationary, business cards, and all media match. This kind of stuff is fun for us.

Video Production Efforts For Bencardino Excavating

We are lucky to get a chance every now and then to go out and document some of Bencardino's most challenging projects, like this electrical upgrade for Septa at the 69th Street Station in Upper Darby.

Public Relations For Contractors

Bencardino is a innovative excavating contractor, often performing demanding excavation projects. For this excavation contractor we designed a website that could document their projects, highlight their capabilities, and look good. We manage the social media, produce video, and help catalog the interesting work they do.